zondag 17 september 2017

textile biennial Rijswijk 2017

Just in time
(because the exhibition is only till next Sunday)
we, Man, daughter and me,
went to Rijswijk today.

(just click on the video to get an impression of it all ...
or go there next week ! )

I knew this fifth textile biennial was a great show,
but we just didn't find the opportunity ...
until today !

24 international fibre artists are showing their work.
In an exhibition like this there are always a few
you don't quite like,
but there were some amazing art works !!!

"Dementia darning"  by Jenni Dutton
(for us the most impressive set of works)

Susanna Bauer

Jon Eric Riis
(tapestry and beads)

Kate Just

Ji Seon Yoon

Alice Kettle 

Murat Yildiz

Maryam Ashkanian

June Lee

Sophia Narrett

Agnès Sébyleau

Tamar Manon

Janaina Mello Landini

It was a true joy !

zaterdag 9 september 2017

September ...

September is already on it's way.
There was some sun,
there was a splash of rain ...

Nooo ... not as big a splash as this ...
this splash was made for the
(still on-going .... no we can't stop)

on-line felting class of Corinna Nitschman

the month started with a long-desired wish :
solar panels
Our roof faces south-west, so why not !

Happy now !

The postman brought a long-expected package from Germany !
Some months ago I got a proposal for a swap
from a German blogging-friend, Heidi
a special pendant for her and a handmade stoneware bowl for me.!
I send her the pendant and patiently waited.
She needed some time to make the bowl ...
bring it to the kiln ...
then it was holiday-time ...
so she send it the end of August.

Ahhhhh, had a fright when it arrived : a big hole in the package ...
but luckily Heidi had packed it safely in two cartons !!!
phew !

Isn't that a beauty ?

Love the design she made of the flowers I could choose :
Fritillaria and Snowdrops !

And with it came a piece of her solar-dyed fabric !
SO happy with it all !


And on went the making of felted shells
(I must confess : it starts to look like an addiction ...)

Two new spiral ones and an "old" one,
and two more "normal" shells, but forgot to take a picture.

And, to unlearn, another pair of wrist warmers.


maandag 28 augustus 2017

Thanks Jude !

Today I finished stitching on my big piece
"Sun and Moons"

103 x 49 cm
(40.5" x 19.3")
The SUN and thirteen MOONS
(and a soft blue velvet earth)

(still need to fasten the sleeve
for the aluminum strip to hang it on the wall)

The face of the sun
(with lots of sun spots)

Sun and six moons

One (grumpy) lunar moth and three more moons

A blue velvet (Jude) earth and yawning moon
(a silk, and a "magic" Jude-feather)

And finally Mrs and Mr Moon.

again : up close

"us",  soft velvet !
(with aurora borealis)

It's hard to believe now, that I started in June 2013
NO ... I really didn't work on it all this time :
it was lying dormant for quite some time !

An on-line class "sun, moon, stars" of Jude Hill
was the starting point of it all
Jude is a great textile artist
(though she doesn't call herself that)
and my all-time favorite teacher,
who, unintentionally,
gathered a worldwide stitching community around her
of people who have come to love "slow stitch"

This was the humble beginning !!!

On a background of some hand dyed open-weave cotton
came that sun and dark indigo strips of Jude on the edges.
The "double woven" piece the border strips from,
came to me through Eva
(who didn't quite know what to do with it ...)
I unpicked the it, after talking to Jude of course,
and used it as the border for this piece.
Other "in between" layers were used too.
Also little pieces of thin eco-dyed silk of Heike

There were woven strips of my own fabrics too,
pieces that are dear to me.

Slowly slowly the concept and the piece grew ...
(click on "sun and moons" in the sidebar for the history)
After the first year it was mostly "a holidays piece"
(hmmm will have to find something for next year   ;-) ...)

A LOT of time went into the stitching (kantha) of the background
so the piece is now strong and has a lovely stitched feel everywhere !
We will enjoy it many more years
on the wall.